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Koken CMS reprogrammed

2. Januar 2021 in Cms, Koken, Allgemein (0 Kommentare)

For many years, I'm using Koken CMS for my photo websites. Koken is a great self-hosted content management and website publishing system for photographers, designers, and artists. After publication it quickly became popular due to its clear and well-organized backend despite never leaving beta status. Unfortunately, there have been no more updates for Koken since 2017 and some parts of the ecosystem like the community (forum) and the documentation went offline. Furthermore, the company does not respond to mails anymore. Parts of my Koken installation already stopped working due to issues with new php versions. Therefore, I decided to reprogram the frontend and backend system.

Reprogramming Koken

Some years ago, I already reprogrammed a new Koken frontend for my websites (michaelkirste.de and stock.michaelkirste.de), since I needed more flexibility than the original template system could offer. Over the years, new versions of php (latest 8.0) have been released and I already had to fix parts of Koken core to keep the system running. Now, in 2021 some parts of my Koken backend version completely stopped working. I had three options left, since fixing issues in the old Koken system probably won't work in the long run (the codebase is quite complex and relies on a bunch of different frameworks):

  1. switching to a hosted photography solution (like Photoshelter or Pixpa)
  2. using a general CMS like WordPress
  3. reprogram the Koken backend by myself

A hosted photography solution is not an option for me, because I don't want to give up the flexibility of my current frontend system. Furthermore, I don't want to have my photos hosted on a foreign server. General content management systems like WordPress simply do not satisfy the need of photographers, even when using suitable plugins. Therefore, I decided to reprogram Koken backend as headless CMS using state of the art technologies and frameworks (among others a REST API and Vue as javascript framework). Thereby, I took the opportunity to correct some flaws and bugs of the original backend (e.g. bigger font size, bug when manually ordering photos, performance, etc.). The new implementation offers great new features, is lightning fast and easy to use (drag and drop functionality, rich text editor, clear layout, etc...).

Features of the new content management system

  • photos
  • nested collections (collections are either sets containing albums or albums containing photos)
  • articles (with photo galleries) and comments
  • categorization and tagging of photos and articles
  • CMS Backend - Portfolio PhotosCMS Backend - Portfolio Photos
  • CMS Backend - CollectionsCMS Backend - Collections
  • CMS Backend - Portfolio Edit AlbumCMS Backend - Portfolio Edit Album
  • CMS Backend - Portfolio Edit PhotoCMS Backend - Portfolio Edit Photo
  • CMS Backend - ArticlesCMS Backend - Articles
  • CMS Backend - Edit ArticleCMS Backend - Edit Article
  • CMS Backend - Edit Article (category and tags)CMS Backend - Edit Article (category and tags)
  • CMS Backend - TagsCMS Backend - Tags


I'm happy to finally have a maintainable future proof content management system for my photo websites for years to come. Depending on demand, I consider to offer the new system as software as a service (SaaS). Your photos and database remain self-hosted on your server and I will provide the new frontend version of Koken for your server (including a basic adjustable theme). The backend functionality will be offered as service. Migration for this Koken alternative will be simple, since the new backend is fully compatible to the original Koken database and folder structure. Please contact me, if you are interested.

Bei diesem Text handelt es sich um einen redaktionellen Beitrag, der unbeabsichtigt eine werbende Wirkung haben könnte, ohne dass ich von einem Unternehmen dafür beauftragt wurde!

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